Chicken Pot Pie with bacon bechamel


We were sharing a house on vacation this week with a friend who is lactose-intolerant, so I made a chicken pot pie with Earth Balance in the crust and a bacon-grease based bechamel. I had about a cup of bacon fat, strained to get the crunchies out (thanks John!) and added a cup of flour. I cooked it together for a few minutes and then added what we had of Lactaid milk, which I was briefly afraid was a disaster—it clumped into a giant dumpling and looked like seized chocolate. But I kept stirring and added water and it came back. I added some oregano and, surprisingly, some salt, and poured it over chopped cooked chicken, frozen peas, parboiled carrots (to just crispy-tender) and some leftover corn. I wish I’d gotten a picture of the pies before cutting, but it was too chaotic (13 people with 6 kids under 5 is a busy house) and I forgot. But I got one of leftovers today:



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