GF DF Mocha Cookies


I made the Mocha Cookies from the Gourmet cookie book for a party the other day. I’ll post about that batch separately, eventually, because it was a good learning experience. But I was inspired to modify the recipe to make a GF DF version for my allergenic and dietarily-restricted friends.

I started with Sirius chocolate: The 70%, naturally 🙂 and melted it with Enjoy Life chocolate chips, because everything else at Whole Wallet had “processed with milk” or “may contain traces of milk”. Not good enough!


I used olive oil instead of the melted butter, and used GF all purpose flour, normal salt and baking soda.


I beat together the eggs and sugar, then added the espresso powder and the melted chocolate and warm oil.  (Remember, kids, hot things look just like cold things, but the bowl from the double boiler is a Hot Thing.)

Then the GF flour mixture, and the conveniently sized other bag of chocolate chips (exactly 1.5c!)


The instructions said to let the batter stand for 15m, so I did, and then I put just one sheet in to bake rather than my usual 2.  As usual, their 8-10 minutes of baking is 12 in my oven. (The instructions say “err on the side of underbaking” but I already did that, so this time I’m letting them go a little longer).  At 11 minutes they came out too gooey, even after cooling 1-3 minutes on the sheet and completely on the rack. They were nearly impossible to remove from the baking sheet.  At 12 minutes, they came off the sheet pretty cleanly, but are still nicely soft without being liquid.


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