We usually don’t buy breads. We keep a sourdough starter (although we need to restart Herman from a save point, as we neglected him during the Month Of Travel), and prefer to make our own, with a very short list of exceptions: bagels, tortillas, and English muffins. I’m not going to start making my own bagels any time soon, but apparently tortillas can come off that list, because they are easy!

I had promised the Little Baker black bean tacos for dinner, because B made us four dry cups of apple cider black beans on Sunday and there were a lot left. Half an hour before dinner time, as I was heating everything, I discovered that the package of tortillas I had found in the fridge was open—and had two, not six, left. New plan required.

Some quick searching led me to this recipe which looked pretty reasonable given that my backup plan was serving bagels.

They turned out beautiful! Dividing the recipe into 16 makes little taco-sized tortillas (6″, depending on how good you are at rolling balls into circles—I am rolling pin challenged, so mine are weird shaped) so I might only cut it into 8 for “normal” tortillas—which would also help them get eaten up faster, as the recipe says they only last 24h even if refrigerated.

The dough was pretty sticky, but no fuss at all with the mixer’s dough hook:


Rolling isn’t my strong point, but it wasn’t hard to roll these as long as I kept the pin and board floured:


The cast iron pan was perfect for this!



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