More Curtains


These still need to be hemmed, but I’ve decided that at least this window needs seasonal curtains. The littles picked the fabric, and insisted that they be made today.



I just got my sewing machine serviced for the first time ever. Convenient, since I needed some curtains for a room with early-80s vintage mustard and brown floral wallpaper. We settled on some pretty sparkle leaf fabric, and even though I can’t cut straight to save my life (I want a mat and a rolling cutter) I have curtains! One more window to do!



Crab Apple Caramels






1200g of crabapples (after cutting out bad spots)
6c water

I put these in the crock pot on high for something like three hours, until they mashed with a spoon. I poured all the liquid into a big pot (should’ve used the small pot and made less dishes, since the small one is what I needed for the candying) and then we tried using a strainer and potato masher to extract the juice. Mostly, that made a mess. Scooping the pulp into a towel (cheesecloth would have been better) worked reasonably well and turned the applesauce-consistency pulp into a thick, very sour paste.

The liquid boiled for about 30 minutes, I think, but I was not able to really keep time because I was multitasking with making dinner. Once it was syrupy, I measured it and had just over half a cup, so I figured I could use the Smitten Kitchen apple cider caramel recipe as-is from that point. One stick of butter, 1 cup of sugar, .5c of brown sugar and 1/3c of cream went in, and I swore at myself for not cutting up the butter.
I did a little cutting in the pot, and stirred a tiny bit, and mostly waited while the candy did its thing. I ignored the buttered parchment and poured straight into a silicone 8×8″ pan, which worked beautifully. A smaller pan would have made thicker caramels—these ended up around .25″ thick and had to be rolled a bit to end up as oblong caramel candy shapes. I definitely couldn’t get Kraft cube caramels from these. The silicone worked so well that I wonder if I could get pre-shaped caramels if I put these into a shaped silicone pan, like the robots or Legos I used for crayons (only not actually those, since I am not 100% convinced by the food safety of random crayons and they definitely don’t come totally clean).

These have a gorgeous pinkish color, and taste sour and sweet and awesome. Kind of like what a candy apple should be.