Socks and Cowls

I have been knitting things—slowly.




I started these socks (my first pair!) as part of a Black Friday One Week Worsted Sock challenge. They took me almost three months, although to be fair I made three cowls in there, lost the project bag for three weeks, and spent three more weeks stalling over grafting the toe (which I hadn’t ever done before, but which wasn’t as hard as I feared). They are so warm!
And acrylic, so good snow shoveling socks for those of us who can’t have wool.

The three cowls I made actually are wool: my first projects with superwash wool yarn.


I’m pretty pleased—the yarn is local and hand dyed and so deeply colored, and knit up well for two Christmas presents and a birthday. And the low/no lanolin superwash yarn doesn’t seem to bother my hands!
Two of the cowls are “mistake rib”—a 3×1 ribbing pattern with one too many stitches, so it comes out with diagonal stripes. The other is a drop stitch cowl, which lots of Ravelers seem to love but I found was weirdly tensioned. Maybe just not my style?



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