Starbucks Chocolate Bread

So, despite my self-delusionary assertions, this is a cake. A delicious, cinnamon-chocolate cake. But as long as I don’t put any frosting on it, we can keep that between you, me, and the rest of the Internet, m’kay?


I made only one loaf, because I didn’t have 1.25c of cocoa powder left and failed to include that on my list of Critical Snow Day ingredients, so this loaf has 1/2 an egg more than it should. I also skipped the sparkle spice topping, because it didn’t sound good. And I didn’t take a picture of the undisturbed loaf because reasons, probably including that it’s a snow day and someone needed glue or scissors or a mitten.  It broke getting out of the pan because I left it too long, so it’s not pretty—which just means there were more little pieces for walking past and noshing on. Tragic, I tell you. 

If you want to make it, Starbucks has kindly published the recipe here


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