Hats and more hats

I wanted to send a baby present to one of my friends, so I crocheted matching hats for her newborn daughter and her preschooler (plus one to fit the baby next fall):


Then I made a hat for baby B, and the big kids liked it so much they demanded matching hats:

And then, I discovered that the smallest hat was still about 12 stitches too big for a newborn, so I made him a smaller one in blue:

There are still two more hats on my queue, plus however many more colors of tiny hat I decide B needs before it gets warm (baby hats are so fast!) but somehow I don’t have a ton of crafting time with a newborn in the house, so we’ll see how fast those actually get made.


Daniel Tiger’s yellow sweater

Have you ever noticed, when watching TV with your toddler, that Daniel Tiger has at least three zip-up cardigans in his closet? He only ever wears the red one, but my DT fan loves yellow, and asked for a sweater just like Daniel Tiger’s yellow one.
I had made a sweater before. I’m a little more than half done on a CustomFit pullover, but it’s been in time out for a while while I work on smaller projects.  But I started this one in late September, and because kid sized things are faster than adult sized things I finished it at the end of February, just in time for cardigan-instead-of-jacket season.

It has pockets, it has a hood, and it’s big enough that I think it will fit him for a while, and he loves it, so I am very happy. I suspect I will have to reinforce the stitching on the zipper at some point, but for now my hand-sewn running stitches are holding and my time for hand sewing is kind of limited at the moment.