Pumpkin Hat(s)

I made this hat twice:  it’s based on the same star hat pattern that I used for the newborn hat and matching big kid hats last spring, and the first version (despite my attempt at sizing up the pattern) was still newborn sized.  I gave that one away to a cute baby who came to a BWI meeting  and started over.

The second attempt was much better for my giant-headed baby.  When I got to 6 stitches, instead of binding off, I switched to brown and added a stitch every other, and then knit with 12 stitches per round for about an inch and a half, to make a little stem. If I’d been crocheting, I would have crocheted through back loops to turn and make a flat top,  but I don’t know how you do that in knitting so I left it open (which looks fine).  And it fits!!  I have gone back and forth about adding a leaf; I might do so someday or if it still fits next fall, but I have a lot of holiday crafting I want to do and it’s time to move on from pumpkins 🙂


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